People To Watch Vol. 1

Today we're kicking off a new series highlighting people and companies we love. In today's post we're telling you about a rad musician you've got to hear, an incredible Instagram account you must follow, and an awesome company working to protect our national parks.

Marvelous Musicians: William Onyeabor

This Nigerian funk master was virtually unknown in the states until recently when Talking Heads' founder, David Byrne, set out on a five-city tour, dubbed Atomic Bomb! while also releasing a compliation of Onyeabor's work titled, "World Psychedelic Classics 5: Who is WIlliam Onyeabor?". His anti-war lyrics and female backed vocals add the necessary spice to round out his unique use of synthesizers and reggae-funk guitar. Listen to one of his tracks below.


Incredible Instagrams: @francismallman

Francis Mallman is a modern gaucho from Argentina who is currently sharing his boat trip down the Rio Corriente in the Northeastern region of his home country. Mallman's specialty is open-fire cooking and his profile is a celebration of all the beautiful ways you can grill without a grill. He has a book, "Mallman on Fire" coming out later this year. Be sure to follow him on Instagram here.


Cool Companies:

Lead by their motto, "Leave it better than you found it," Parks Project sells a variety of goods that support trail maintenance in our country's national parks. Sevag Kazanci heads up the environmentally-conscious company that produces products locally, which "allow us to act out our passion of organizing volunteer days, mobilizing others to volunteer, educating a new generation of outdoor enthusiasts on current events, and most importantly voting on key initiatives that affect our parks." Do your part and help the parks! Check them out at