People To Watch Vol. 2

Another week and another round-up of cool people and things you're going to want to know about. 


Band to Watch: Town in the City

Town in the City is an up and coming folk rock group from LA that blends Americana roots with a cool California vibe. We're digging their unique sound which will be on heavy rotation on our playlists this summer. Check out their first EP here.


Awesome Adventurer: Alex Chacon, the Modern Motorcycle Diaries 

You probably recognize Alex Chacon as the man in front of the camera in the recently viral "Epic Selfie" video. In it, Chacon documented his trip to over 36 countries with a 360° view taken by GoPro on a stick. A self-described adventure rider and professional photographer and videographer, Chacon is also an avid philanthropist. During one expedition, he took a 500 day solo round trip from Alaska to Argentina and raised money for children in Uganda along the way. Chacon's Instagram account shouldn't be missed as he documents the many places and faces he sees during his adventures. 


Incredible Instagram: @_remmidemmi

Photographer Sandro Giordoan is doing a hilarious photo project called "Bodies With No Regret" where he sets up chaotic scenes of people after they've just fallen and surrounded by their belongings. On his Facebook page, Giordoan explains that, "each shot 'tells' about worn out characters who, as if in a sudden black-out of mind and body took over, let themselves crash with no attempt to save themselves..." 


All Around Great: The New Yorker Magazine

For all around great content we always turn to The New Yorker. From interesting articles to witty illustrations and a captivating Instagram feed, this publication has managed to stay current and cutting edge as our lives continue to become more digital.