TOMS x stone + cloth

TOMS is amazing. Their mission is simple - With every pair you purchase, they give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. One for One. And the impact is huge. Shoes help reduce the risk of soil-borne diseases like podoconiosis, provide an essential need, and (the one that hits home for us), allow children to go to school by completing their school uniforms. 

Some of you might not know the details of this story, but when I first started this project, it was me, a sewing machine and a dream. Working a full-time job, I was struggling to gain momentum for the project. I reached out to TOMS for help and was lucky enough to be offered an internship. So I moved out to California and began working there. After a few internships, I left with amazing friends and a stack of journals filled with ideas to get the business moving. To this day, I still feel an overwhelming amount of support from the company. A prime example, is what the  founder decided to purchase for all the TOMS employees this holiday season 

Every year, Blake, the founder of TOMS, gets a unique gift for all the employees. This year, he was kind enough to choose The Benson and was excited to explain the gift supports a child’s education in Tanzania, Africa. I felt so lucky to help create this one-of-a-kind gift. Seeing the backpacks being passed out to each person, catching up with everyone and meeting new employees was amazing. I’m always at a loss trying to express how thankful I am to have TOMS as one of our biggest supporters.